Actively Aware works with individuals, teams and organizations to develop the culture, capability and systems that encourage and enable people to be and do their best. With over twenty years of experience in personal, team and leadership development, we have improved the skills, knowledge and abilities of 1000s of leaders, teams and individual contributors that grow business results. 

Our Mission 
Enable individuals to live and work with purpose, accomplish and acquire what they want, build meaningful relationships and be the best person they can be. 

Customer Comments

“I think sometimes he cares more about my business than I do.” – Matt 

“The workshop not only contributes to success in the workplace but in my personal life as well. Leadership is something we should all strive for at work or at home and this course will definitely set you on the right path towards accomplishing these goals.” - Survey Respondent
“Thanks again for all of your efforts in helping us try to move this organization to the next level, your input and teachings have left a great impression.” - Hans
“I use the info from the workshops on a daily basis. From conflict management to arranging my team as to have the people best suited for a specific job on that job." - Survey Respondent

“From the feedback we have received from members, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. And members once again loved your sessions.” – Kathie 

“Bob is always positive, optimistic and full of good stories and ideas.” – Angel 

“Engaging, energetic, helpful examples, great resources”“Great day! I learned a lot.” - Survey Respondent

“You have been one of the people I consider a true mentor in my life. You exerted an extremely strong & positive influence in my development.” – Brent